Here We Are!!!

The journey to this bright blue “library person” trash can began about a month ago.  Yes, a month.  What a story it has been!  When I first started at the library, this trash can was in this spot on the corner.  It had been painted by Boy Scouts nearly 10 years ago.  The paint was faded and chipping and nothing library related.  I decided to do something about that!

I moved it to the back, placed it on a drop cloth, and proceeded to spray it (and myself) blue.  I wore blue over spray on my hands and feet for nearly 4 days, the time it took me to use two cans of paint, consisting of four coats.  The blue was finally done!  Now for the library person!

This is where it gets hilarious, time consuming, and laugh worthy.  Mrs. Shirley made me a nice big library person outline on the copier.  I thought to cut him out and use him as a stencil, painting the outline with white spray paint for a nice crisp image.  Well, that sounded great!  I painstakingly cut out 3 people.  When I put them to the contact paper for the stencil, I discovered I would have a three-piece stencil and that simply would not work.  There was NO WAY I could get it lined up and semi-straight working over the bumps and curves of the dented can.  The answer came to me about 2:30 one morning.  Just use the whole outline and make the outline silhouette you see above.  Bingo! Presto! Mystery solved!

The next morning I took my trusty x-acto knife and painstakingly cut out three whole stencils…spacing enough to avoid over spray and tape to help hold if necessary and I was so proud!  Well, the clear contact paper I was using to create my stencil wouldn’t stick to the can.  Not at all.  Not even a little bit.  Not even with tape holding it.  I threw it all into my OTHER trash can, and shaking my head came back inside.  Mrs. Gursta and Mrs. Shirley (who were probably watching me from the window and laughing) and I had a good laugh about it and I decided to just take a breather and some time to concoct Plan C.

A few days later, I decided to trace the image lightly and just paint it in with a brush the good old-fashioned way.  Then I forgot to add paint to my shopping list for like 3 trips to the paint-buying-place.  Yay!  Then I was out, or going to be out or wearing a dress or any number of reasons I couldn’t take brush and paint to can.  Well, today, wearing black dress pants of all things, I decided no more waiting.  Even if it looked like it was going to pour rain at any moment.  Today was THE day!  So, I traced around my library person, applied two coats of white paint (dripping not one drop on my black pants), then two coats of clear coat and voila!  We have a library person trash-can on the corner right by our front door!

Mrs. Gursta and Mrs. Shirley said they think it’s the brightest thing in town.  It probably is.  But, now there is NO excuse to not stop by the library.   Everyone knows exactly where we are.  And, please, use the can for good and not evil.  Help us keep our sidewalks clean!