Hello Ashley County!

The Ashley County Library  has entered the digital age!  We are excited have this forum in which to share information, activities, and most importantly, new books with you,  We are also developing a social media platform and are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Click on the links to follow us for the latest pictures and news from our library.


The first day of fall is nearly here and the library is decorated for the season!  We have a special table with items for sale just inside the door.  This month we are featuring cookbooks.  It is never to early to begin planning for the holidays, or just spicing up your regular menu.  I don’t know about you, but with the cooler breezes we’re having, it makes me want to turn on my oven and start baking.  We have several church cookbooks, which I personally think are the best.  They feature “real” food from “real” people with ingredients we can purchase at our local grocery store.  These wonderful books won’t last long, so stop in and check them out.


This month we are also making room for new children’s movies.  These VHS tapes are in need of a good home.  It is always hard to see things go, but I have the memories I associate with these films and I’m sure you will too.  Perhaps you’d like to share them with your children or grandchildren.  There are hours of entertainment here but they will only be here for a limited time, so don’t wait!

We are glad to have you join us on this page and will be glad to see you in our library.  Drop by and say, “Hello!” and tell us how we can best meet your needs.