Writer’s Group

What:  Ashley County Writer’s Group

When: 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, 4:30

Where:  At the Library

Why:  To support and encourage one another as we write.

Our first meetings established a group and set the tone for what we wished to do, which primarily is support and encourage, with a mixture of accountability and critiquing.  We’ve done a lot of talking about writing, but it’s time to write!  Here I’ll be attaching the resources we share and including a weekly prompt.  Join us!

Creative Non-Fiction Resource:  The Purdue OWL – a fabulous resource for any type of writing.


Creative Writing 101:  Show vs. Tell


How Writing Improves Your Brain (article)


PROMPT OF THE WEEK – October 9th

Our discussion about writing led to the introduction of the anti-bucket list where one would list all the things they’d never do again!  So, let’s do that!

Things I’d Never Do Again

Make a list of ten, then choose one to elaborate upon, minimum of a paragraph, and one you’d be willing to share at next group!