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Unattended Children & Vulnerable Adults Policy

     The Ashley County Library strives to provide a warm, welcoming, and safe environment conducive to lifelong learning for patrons of all ages.  Sharing this environment with other people requires everyone to follow the Patron Rules for Behavior, posted in the building and on the website,


     The Library encourages children and vulnerable adults to use its facilities and services.  While the Library is concerned for the safety of these patrons in and around library facilities, the Library does not act in loco parentis (in place of parents).  A parent, legal guardian, teacher, custodian, or caregiver is responsible for monitoring the activities and managing the behavior of children of vulnerable adults during their library visits.  Library employees have many duties and do not serve a substitute for daycare or babysitting.  The library is not responsible for any consequences of parents, legal guardians, teachers, custodians, or caregivers not fulfilling their responsibilities.  The safety of children and vulnerable adults is a priority for the library, however, the library is a public building, open to all.  Therefore, they may be at risk when they are left unattended.  


     The Library will adhere to the following guidelines concerning the care and behavior of children and vulnerable adults:


  • Children under the age of ten (10) and vulnerable adults who are unable or unwilling to care for themselves may not be left alone in the Library and must have adequate supervision while in the library.

  • Children age ten (10) and over and vulnerable adults who can understand and follow the Patron Rules for Behavior and who can care for themselves are allowed to be in the library unattended.  They should have contact information for someone who can assist them in an emergency.

  • Minors, age seventeen (17) and under may be left temporarily alone in the library as they participate in library sponsored events.  It is the responsibility of the parent or legal-guardian to pick them up in a timely manner.  

  • Children and vulnerable adults should be picked up before closing times.

  • Local law enforcement will be contacted to take charge of the situation involving an unattended child or vulnerable adult if the caregiver is unable or unwilling to be reached in a timely manner.


Hours of Operation are:

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:30

Tuesday 10:00 - 5:30

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