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It has been an extremely busy week! We have a new employee many of you will meet in the coming weeks. Her schedule isn’t set just yet as she has a wedding in the works! Mary Cate comes to us from Clarendon and is marrying a Crossett gentleman. They will be making their home in Ashley County and we cannot be more delighted to add her to our staff. She’s had oodles of experience in museums and even the Clinton Presidential Library! I can’t wait to turn her loose on our genealogy and Arkansas sections and see what great ideas she brings to the table.

Quarantine has made keeping up with what we have in and out a challenge, but keeping you safe is our top priority. We are boxing them up for a minimum of 4 days, then disinfecting and airing and then shelving. Because of this, our hold system is busier than ever and we are so glad we have an automated system to track our titles! It lets us know who gets what, and when! We get them out to you as soon as we can, so if we say “we can place a hold” don’t fret! The wait will not be as long as you think.

Our new book display has done extremely well and we will keep the new things coming. However, it’s almost time to decorate for fall, so we are looking forward to changing things up. Some new fall titles are beginning to trickle, and some of them have already gone out this week.

Of course, James Patterson and Stuart Woods have new titles released. (Again, I will refrain from my commentary of their prolific pens.) Woods brought back Stone Barrington for his fifty-fourth title, “Choppy Water.” Patterson, joined with fellow writer Richard DiLallo, for “The Midwife Murders” which appears to be a stand-alone title. Of course, Patterson can make series from newsprint, so who knows? We will just have to stay tuned to see what these two churn out next!

Keeping with the mystery and suspense genres is James Lee Burke and Dave Robicheaux’s newest case in “A Private Cathedral.” This features a Romeo and Juliet style story that can only be told by Burke. Karen Slaughter gives us “The Silent WIfe,” the newest in the WIll Trent series. We have one of what I call our “beta readers” reading it now and she is loving it. 

Beta readers are the backbone of any library. They are the test readers who are willing to try something new. Although the Slaughter book isn’t a new series, some authors seem to lose their punch as their characters and series continue. We have a solid core of beta readers willing to try a new author or series or even subject. I value these adventurous readers and their opinions about our collection.

Last week I told you about “American Dirt.” It was just as good as everyone had said and with that endorsement, I picked up another I’ve been told is a must-read. I’m way late to the party, but I’m listening to “Crazy Rich Asians” by Kevin Kwan. It just leaves me speechless. The narrator is phenomenal and I can see the story playing out in my mind. I’ve come to the realization, we are all so much more alike than we realize.

For those of you craving a bit of adventure, I also listened to Max Brook’s newest “Devolution” the story of a fictional volcanic eruption which traps a utopian community right in the path of a group Sasquatch(es). How DO you pluralize Sasquatch?  It sounds hilarious when I narrow it down to that sentence. Brooks wrote “World War Z” and this is such a believable and spooky account told by an all-star cast. 

All of these titles are available on our Overdrive account. I keep my account full and holds list maxed out. It’s the best thing since sliced bread and I can’t say enough wonderful things about having access to thousands of titles at the click of a screen. Give it a try!

  We are still working away and doing our best to serve in these dangerous and uncertain times. We wear our masks, wash out hands, and disinfect anything someone even looks at these days. Hope you are doing the same! We have new books coming in all the time, so keep reading!


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