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Book Business

The heat is on and we can tell it by the relief on our patrons faces when they walk in the door.  We have A/C and never has it been more lovely! As always, we say it’s the humidity, not the heat.  I heard it called “the air you can wear” and it’s so true! For someone with curly hair, it’s like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates - you never know what you’re going to get.  I can walk to the courthouse with my weekly paperwork with one hairstyle and come back with another! But, we’re keeping it cool inside and enjoying our summer program participants.

I took a couple of days off and missed our largest storytime yet.  We had 26 little munchkins in and I’ve heard more than one tale of their comments and excitement over the stories we shared.  Their little ears don’t miss a thing! We had a smaller group in towards the end of the week and no matter the numbers, we enjoy them just the same.  There is nothing like reading to a wee one. In fact, I think that’s one of our bingo card challenges!

We received our Kindle Fire this week and it’s a lovely pale green rather than the utilitarian black.  Just something a little perky for our lucky winning reader. We’ve given out a lot of cards and can’t wait until our patrons have read enough to bingo!  Don’t forget our guessing jar. We get tickled at the adults who are just as excited, or more so, than the kiddos! We’ll be giving away a LOT of M&Ms next week to the person coming closest without going over.  Keep those guesses coming!

This week we received a small shipment of new books.  We have added to our paperback carousel with the Harlequin Romantic Intrigue series.  Six new titles have been included and if you’re looking for a bit of mystery and suspense, these are quick reads sure to satisfy!  

We have a couple of titles from writers who are more annual writers than some of the others.  Jennifer Weiner’s newest title, “Mrs. Everything” features the lives of Jo and Bethie Kaufman who grew up in the 1950s in  a perfect “Dick and Jane” house. Jo is the bookish tomboy and Bethie the feminine beauty. Set against the tumultuous time of Vietnam and Woodstock, the sisters discover life isn’t always on the path they set for themselves.  

Elin Hilderbrand gives us “Summer of ‘69” and the story of the Levin family who summers at their grandmother’s house in Nantucket.  This year, things have changed as each member is dealing with his or her own issues while the world around them is changing. With historical context, this is called the quintessential summer novel and sounds like a perfect beach read.  

Sam and Remi Fargo are back at it in Clive Cussler’s newest Fargo Adventure, “Oracle.”  Sam and Remi are on the trail of a scroll and a deadly curse. Uncovering clues by accident sets in motion a chain of events that leads to Remi’s kidnapping and a race against time to return the scroll to its rightful owners and lift the centuries old curse.

For those of you looking to do a bit of decorating or freshening up this summer, we received a new HGTV Magazine with a ton of beachy color inspired ideas.  I think summers magazines are my favorites for the garden-fresh recipes. I copied a recipe for a salad I want to try at our next family gathering and look forward to seeing new flavor profiles featuring things we have in our garden.  

I placed an order for patron requested titles and a few extras for us.  We should receive them the first of the week and I’ll be sure to let you know.  We have a couple of new DVDs to add as well as some titles everyone will enjoy.

Make sure you include us as part of your summer plans!  This year, we have something for everyone! There are new things at the library and we hope you enjoy the changes we are making to enhance your browsing and reading experience.  There is more to tell and more books on the way, so you’ll just have to stop in and get caught up!