Book Business

“Can” you believe it’s time to dig out those jars and rings and preserve some of the bounty of summer? I truly hope you’ll come see our decor for July. We have been planning this a while and are delighted with how it turned out. 

All of us enjoy “putting up” fruits and vegetables to enjoy during the cold winter months. Nothing makes a pot of soup or chili taste any better than adding your own canned tomatoes. Getting ready for the deer-woods? Add some beautiful blush colored mayhaw jelly to those homemade biscuits. Add summer to the plate of any meal with a crisp, home-canned pickle. 

We hope you are preserving the bounties of your garden and we would love to share your recipes! One of the features this month is a “make and take” recipe station on our large table. Copy a recipe from one of our local cookbooks to “take” with you, or “make” a recipe to leave for someone else. Kendall wants us to create an ACL Cookbook featuring favorites of our patrons. What do you say? Shall we start sharing our secret family recipes? 

The ACL Book Club is being revived! We received a box of books from the state library to read in July and discuss in August. The title is “The Woman in Cabin 10” by Ruth Ware. I have read it and am eager to discuss it with a group! We have 5 members so far and room for 7 more. Don’t wait, sign up now and get to reading! Day, date, and time of the meetings will be discussed soon. Right now, we’re just excited to be adding this little bit of normal back to our library!

We received a shipment of new books this week. (I told you we would!) We added to our paperback carousels and included a few new thrillers. The first is the newest title in the Temperance Brennan series by Kathy Reichs. “Bone Code” is said to be relative to today’s headlines. A flesh-eating contagion is spreading while Temperance is collecting evidence from a copycat killing from years ago. There seems to be a connection, but can she find it before it’s too late?

Tess Gerritsen partners with Gary Braver to give us “Choose Me.” Taryn Moore is young, beautiful and brilliant and apparent suicide is at odds with what is known about her. Having caught the eye of an English professor, her dark side is revealed, revealing a dangerous streak and a motive for her murder. His life just became complicated and unraveling Taryn’s story means Detective Frankie Loomis has to follow a trail of secrets to get to the truth. 

Emilie Richards provides a tangled web in “House Guests.” Cassie is left struggling with the sudden death of her husband and troubled relationship with her stepdaughter, Savannah. They have to move and Cassie is trying to put the pieces of their lives back together, including figuring out why their savings has disappeared. Savannah’s acting out costs single mom, Amber and her son, their home. Cassie invites them to move in, but the secrets in Amber’s eyes makes Cassie wonder what will happen when the secrets finally catch up with them all. 

“Murder at Sunrise Lake” might be going home with me! Christine Feehan has stepped away from her usual supernatural titles to pen a stand-alone novel! Stella thought she escaped the trauma of her past by running a resort high in the mountains. Although guarded, handyman Sam has slowly slipped past her defenses. Her dreams begin and she knows them to be premonitions of what is to come. How can she stop what is about to happen without destroying the life she has built for herself? But, she knows this time, she has to stop the killer.

If you have been waiting on Lisa Jackson to bring back Nikki Gillette and Pierce Reed, your wait is over! This couple first appeared twenty years ago and her last title featuring them was eight years ago, but they’re back! The fourth title in their series, “The Third Grave” takes us back to steamy Savannah, Georgia, where a cold case leads to a new nightmare for the duo.

We have a ton of great things planned, so follow us on social media and check out our website. We look forward to seeing you soon!