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       Oh, how quickly things change!  We opened this past week as usual and had a record number of visitors Monday.  It quickly became evident it was in the best interest of our staff and our patrons if we closed to the public.  We have continued to come to work to keep things going behind the scenes. We are signing up people for library cards and enabling digital access to our resources.  We are answering questions via phone. We are still circulating titles through the drop-box and will continue to do so as long as it is safe for us to do it, but we strongly encourage you to stay home.  

      This is an unprecedented time in our current history, one we will look back on and say “remember when?”  I am journaling daily. I am keeping as normal of a routine as possible. When I say routine, I mean making my bed, keeping up with normal chores, maintaining life as closely as I can to what it was a month ago.  However, this quiet has encouraged me to reach out. I’m writing more letters. I’m texting more friends. I’ve even, finally, gotten our website updated!  

      It is also perfectly acceptable to be upset.  As I’ve been told, crying is permissible, but as a way to relieve the emotion, not as a way of life.  I am working to recognize and acknowledge my feelings, then move on. Self-care is so vital for all of us these days.  I’m reading and knitting. I’m cooking healthy meals. I’m paying special attention to cleanliness and making it almost a meditation in my thoroughness.  I’m listening to hip-hop music, in French. Hip hop isn’t generally my thing and I don’t speak French, but it makes me smile and dance a bit with it. For all I know, they could be reciting a grocery list, but to me, everything sounds better in French!  Whatever it takes to get through the day, one step at a time is what I’m doing and I would encourage you to do the same.

      We still have new books arriving and they will be waiting for you when this is over!  This week we have received a new batch of our paperbacks, including our inspirational series that had lapsed due to an ordering glitch.  We also received new titles by our favorites. It’s comforting to know Stone Barrington is still up to his old tricks in “Hit List,” the newest Stuart Woods title.  David Rosenfelt has started a new series in “K Team” featuring a retired canine and some of his supporting characters. James Rollins and the Sigma Team are back at it in “Last Odyssey.”  Temperance Brennan is back in Kathy Reich’s latest title, “Conspiracy of Bones.” Not to be outdone, Harlan Coben has a new stand-alone title, “Boy from the Woods.”  These are all thrillers in one version or another and are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, which may or may not be good right now!

     Many of you are working on your to-be-read piles at home or accessing our digital library.  Keep reading! As I stated, I’ve finally gotten our website updated and on it are some resources for free reading during this global crisis.  Our publishers and literacy supporters are really stepping up to provide some relief from the stress of the days.  

     I’m working hard to keep our social media pages updated and encouraging.  This is the perfect time to unplug, but for those who find it hard to resist, I want to be certain to have uplifting content, if at all possible.  We are still awaiting our lemon, George’s birthday. Our book club is still reading and will be meeting virtually. I’ve started a Youtube channel for storytime, which is still a work in progress, but looks like we might have time!  We are doing the best we can to adjust to the changes in our services we are having to make, and hope you are doing the same. 

     We will be here as long as it is possible to serve you behind the scenes.  Please take care of us and other people in service positions by staying home unless it is absolutely necessary to get out.  The quicker we stop this virus, the better for all of us. Stay home, stay safe, wash your hands, and keep reading!


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