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As Anne (with an “e”) of Green Gables says, “I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” L. M. Montgomery got things exactly right when she penned this quote over one hundred years ago. Our mornings are a bit crisp, our days warm and sunny, and our evenings pleasant enough to sit outdoors and watch the moon rise. What a delight after the heat and bugs of summer! To me, the changing of seasons is a bit anticipatory. I always feel more creative and alive during the cooler months as others want to hibernate and I am ready to take on the world. Our differences are what make us unique, right?

It’s time for a confession. I succumbed to peer pressure and took home a DVD set this past week. Kendall has been raving about the PBS series “Jamestown” and how wonderful it was. I decided to break my own no-TV rule and see if it was as enticing as she said. Well, consequently, I did not know I had so much free time as I spent two to three hours a night in front of my DVD player engaged in light binging. 

The series was as good as she said. It is just three seasons long and loosely based on fact. The setting is wonderful, the characters likable or equally hate-able, and the story engaging. It took my reading and knitting time this week, but I am glad I took a bit of a break. Like Kendall, I can recommend the series as being one of the better things I’ve watched. 

My commute and chores enable me to listen while I work and this week, I greatly enjoyed “The Scent Keeper” by Erica Bauermeister. It is reminiscent of “Where the Crawdads Sing.” For those of you who loved “Crawdads,” it is a must-read. It tells the story of Evangeline who grows up on an island with her father. At the changing of seasons, they use a magical machine to make a scent memory, then he closes the bottle, seals it with wax, and stores it. 

Evangeline grows up with a limited view of the world, unanswered questions, and the devotion of her father until the scents begin to disappear and her world changes. It sounds like a fantastical story, but it is not as mystical as the description (and Evangeline) is made to believe. It’s a wonderful fall read and I cannot recommend it enough.

In honor of our first October holiday, we have our display table dedicated to explorers. From Columbus to Lewis and Clark to Neil Armstrong, there are so many great stories to be shared. I am an armchair adventurer and have been to the Arctic and Amazon and beyond in the pages of a book.  This display won’t last long as we have plans for another soon. Check out the great titles while they are being featured!

We are unpacking new books this morning and will be getting them ready for check-out next week. Quarantine has our processes delayed a bit, but we are working to be as safe as we can for us and for you. We are about to hit our seasonal rush with authors pushing new books for holiday purchases. Stay tuned, as will let you know as soon as they arrive!

This week, we started with a new guessing jar. October 30 is Candy Corn Day and we have a jar full! Whomever gets closest without going over will win a night-in of family fun for Halloween. We are in process of compiling our prize, but we will post pictures as soon as we have everything. The winner will be announced on October 16. Our pet costume contest will start after this give away.

We have added to our website and have included forms for book requests and genealogy requests. We are staying busy and with these requests emailed directly to me, we can process them as time allows with less stress for us all! We are still working away and doing our best to serve in these uncertain times. Give us a call or stop in for a short visit. We can’t wait to see you!


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