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We made the front page of the paper last week! We were so excited to see our hard work displayed. Our geraniums are loving the hanging baskets and our zinnias will be flowering soon. Kendall trimmed the grass in front just yesterday and it is all neat and tidy for our patrons.

This year is our first year to display an armadillo sponsored by the Ashley County HIstorical Society. We purchased her last year and she’s been hanging out in our closet until now! We decided to do something different and decorate her as one of our favorite books. 

We painted Charlotte, Templeton, and Wilbur on the canvas of her body and named her Fern. “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White is such a wonderful story and should be read by all, and reread if necessary. It’s about support and encouragement and love and kindness, things we need more of these days. It’s also a gentle introduction to the circle of life and that, too, is something we sometimes need to be reminded to honor and remember. We really don’t have the space to leave her out safely, so we have been posing her inside on days where the weather isn’t so nice. Check out our social media pages to see what Fern gets up to on rainy days!

In honor of National Library Month, this week’s “Did you know?” is for the high schoolers. Did you know we have an entire section of especially labeled AP titles? We also have them on our website, as well as indicators to those you can read online and those available free online due to public domain releases. And this is me making a mental note to be sure it’s been updated since “The Great Gatsby” was released this year. 

For those of you not in high school, AP stands for Advanced Placement and these titles are most often required reading for AP English classes in order to prepare for the AP exams. Heads up to our students headed to college as these will also be required reading for some Freshman and Sophomore English. They are what us old-timers would call the classics. Granted, there are new titles being added every year, but these are the books everyone should probably read to be considered well-read in the Western canon. 

Our series readers have a treat this week with new additions to some of your old favorites. David Rosenfelt’s K-Team series has an addition with “Animal Instinct.” Anne Perry continues the Daniel Pitt series with “Death with a Double Edge.” I believe James Patterson is starting a new series (gasp!) with “The Red Book” listed as a Black Book Thriller. I have no idea what ol’ Jimmy is up to other than writing, writing, writing. 

John Sanford adds to the Prey series with “Ocean Prey.” He continues to be a favorite with our readers as does Fern Michaels. She has a stand-alone title this time in “No Way Out.” One last series to mention is the Miss Julia series by Ann B. Ross. She’s adding “Miss Julia Happily Ever After.” This is going to be the final installment in the Miss Julia series, making the total twenty-two titles. I am proud to say we have every one!

We have been foraging for dandelion flowers in neighboring lots, so you may have seen us and wondered just what we were doing! (We lock the door, watch the door, and usually carry the cordless phone!) I started the madness by needing just a few more dandelions to make a batch of jelly. I enjoy observing the old ways and made a batch of wild violet jelly and wild violet syrup last weekend. I’ve made honeysuckle jelly in the past and wanted to try dandelion. We have a few at my house, but not enough. It’s become an outdoor adventure for us, which is welcome after being inside on all these beautiful days. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

If you aren’t following us on social media, make sure to check your settings and start. It’s the first place we post any news. We are open and we are still disinfecting and wearing masks for your safety.  We look forward to seeing you soon!


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