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Internet and  Computer Use Policy

     The Ashley County Library provides the community with free computer and Internet resources to supplement and enhance its existing print collection and to provide access to the card catalog of the collection.  


     In order to use the computers, patrons must present their library card for check-out of the computer services.  If patrons owe fines or fees, computer use is prohibited until restitution has been made.  


     Use of computers is on a first-come, first-served basis, but preference will be given to patrons needing the computers for academic and research purposes.  Users may schedule an appointment or reserve a block of time for usage.  Computers are recommended to be used for 30 minutes at a time, but time may be extended if no one is waiting for a computer.


     Minors may use the computer without supervision with a valid library card.  Parents will be responsible for any misuse of or damage to computer hardware, software, or other equipment.


     Pursuant to Arkansas Act 912 of 2001, any minor who violates this policy will have his or her user privileges suspended or revoked.


     Adults or minors who access pornographic or prurient material will have their privileges revoked.


     Users who abuse or misuse the computer equipment, software, or otherwise cause damage to the operating system will have their privileges suspended and will be financially liable for any damage to the equipment, software.


     The Ashley County Library does not guarantee the accuracy of any information found on the Internet.  The ACL is not responsible for any user violations or misuse of copyright and is not responsible for any content found on the Internet.


     Users will not be allowed to save information to the hard drive or desktop of the public access computers.  Information can be saved to personal email or online storage accounts, or saved to a removable device.


     The patron understands he/she accesses the wireless internet connection at his/her own risk and the ACL shall in no way be held liable for conduct or actions resulting from conduct on the patron’s personal device.


     All users must initial the Computer Use Policy before being allowed to use the computer.  Minors must have the form signed by a parent or legal guardian.  Documentation of agreement will be kept on file at the library.

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